Building Community Childcare Solutions

Who We Are

Childcare is not only important for the safe development of children, it’s also critical to a community’s economic health, population stabilization, and labor force. Communities across the Midwest are realizing childcare is in crisis.

To meet this growing challenge, the team at Levi Architecure has partnered with dozens of communities, businesses, and childcare centers across Iowa to assist with everything from feasibility studies and business plans to architectural design and State Fire Marshall/ DHS approvals. Dan Levi, principal architect, and Mary Janssen, childcare consultant, work alongside communities and childcare providers to explore options and design creative solutions to each project’s unique needs.

Levi Architecture is uniquely experienced to assist your community through the process of exploring/expanding your childcare opportunities.

Pre-Design Services

  • Community surveys
  • Feasibility studies
  • Town hall meetings
  • Community partnership building
  • Business plans
  • Pro formas
  • Identification of funding sources

Architectural Design Services

  • Site and existing building evaluations
  • Full design services
  • Construction representation
  • Playground design
  • Furnishings and childcare equipment acquisition support

Contact Us

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